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Maximizing Corpus Christi Insurance Settlements

What does it mean to maximize an insurance settlement? In short, it means making sure that everything that was lost is claimed, documented, and accurately estimated. It's not uncommon for policyholders to be unaware of their losses, lack a means of documenting those losses, or accept low estimates. When any of these occur, the insurance settlement will be insufficient. By finding every possible loss, documenting all losses, and questioning estimates, you're well on the way toward maximizing the settlement.

  • Loss assessments – Are you aware of all of your losses? Are you aware of everything that you're entitled to under your policy? For example, many homeowners fail to claim the contents of their refrigerators and freezers after a storm-related power outage – a mistake that can cost hundreds of dollars. Others don't realize that their policies reimburse temporary living expenses – another costly mistake. Public adjusters know all of the commonly overlooked losses and can make sure that you claim them. In addition, they are extremely thorough in terms of home inventories and damage assessments.
  • Loss documentation – Proving a loss occurred involves extensive documentation. Public adjusters use numerous tools including photography and videography to document and support your claim.
  • Accurate estimates – From obtaining independent estimates, finding out current, local building costs, and using sophisticated estimating software to questioning and disputing the insurance company's estimates, public adjusters make sure that your losses are accurately estimated.

Maximizing a Corpus Christi insurance claim requires an aggressive, proactive approach that leaves nothing uninvestigated. Choose a public adjuster and make sure that your claim is claimed to the max.